Wildcat mining

Together these two properties comprise claims covering an area of 34, hectares sq. Exploration The Opinaca-Wildcat property straddles the contact between the metasedimentary Opinaca Subprovince and the volcano-plutonic La Grande Subprovince. The Opinaca Subprovince, to the North of the contact, is mainly composed of migmatized paragneiss and diatexites while the La Grande Subprovince, to the South, consists of bedded sediments, polygenic conglomerates and dioritic to granitic intrusions. Two gold occurrences have been discovered in the Opinaca Subprovince and twelve have been discovered in the La Grande Subprovince of the Opinaca-Wildcat properties.

Wildcat mining


It was under these conditions that Murray merchants John T. Cooper and Origin O. Peck outfitted Noah S. Legend has it that it was his wandering burro who found the outcropping. As a result of the grubstake agreement, and after disputes and lawsuits, Cooper and Peck received a half interest in the Bunker Hill claim and a quarter interest in the Sullivan claim.

Between the discovery and there were seven or eight litigation cases over claim ownership and extralateral rights. The principle suit, which involved the Last Chance Mining Company, was settled in Soon after the discovery, the partners entered into an agreement with Jim Wardner whereby he would secure capital for development of the mine and construction of a mill.

After negotiating a contract with Selby Smelting Company to treat the mill product he was able to interest a syndicate composed of A. Cox, all of Helena, Montana, and D. Corbin of Spokane, who organized the Helena Concentrating Co.

This company built the first mill on the Sullivan side of the gulch in July of The financial headquarters of the company was transferred to San Wildcat mining in September The Oregon corporation was dissolved on March 24,and the company was reincorporated in Delaware.

It was not until that the name was shortened to The Bunker Hill Company. To transport ore to this mill an aerial tramway, with a horizontal length of 10, feet, was constructed from Wardner. This tramway served to transport all mine ore until the two mile Kellogg Tunnel was completed in This ownership continued untilwhen the plant was sold to the American Smelting and Refining Co.

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The Wildcat mining of the smelter also carried with it a contract for the reduction of the Bunker Hill ore for a period of 25 years.

Difficulties arose as a result of these changes and in the company began the construction of a lead smelter at Kellogg which went into operation in July Two men stand out in the early history of the company. They are Frederick W.

Bradley and Stanly A. Bradley first became associated with the company as a young engineer in He brought to Kellogg another young California engineer, Stanly Easton who became general manager in and succeeded Bradley in the presidency.

Under the guidance of these two men the Bunker Hill Company grew from a small uncertain mining and concentrating venture to a large mining and smelting firm.

Many of the events that took place during this period--including the organization of the Western Federation of Miners, the mill bombings, the declarations of martial law, the unprecedented use of "bull pen" stockades, and the "permit" work system--have come to occupy an important place in the history of the American labor movement.

August 19, saw the first interruption of operations in 50 years due to strike; this was settled on November In a wildcat strike broke out, resulting in a short mine closure.

Then on May 5,a day Mine-Mill strike was called. The first major strike at the mine since was called on May 5,and lasted until September During the strike salaried staff operated the smelter.

The Kellogg Tunnel, started in and completed inpermitted vigorous exploration work to take place on the tunnel level and the intervening ground between it and the surface which resulted in the opening up of the Carey and July stopes on the 7th and 8th levels and the March ore body on the tunnel or No.

Wildcat mining

The South Mill which was destroyed by a dynamite blast during the strike and riot of April 29, was rebuilt inand in the West mill began operations. Inin response to a war-time increase in the demand for lead, Bunker Hill constructed a large lead smelter. A new epoch began with the opening of the smelter on July 5, This not only reduced costs of handling the ore but gave the company a second major source of income from handling charges for ore of other mines in the area.

Wildcat mining

This company was in existence until January 1, when it was dissolved, and the corporate name was changed to The Bunker Hill Company on April 1. The ore from the Star mine had a relatively high zinc content and because there was no plant in the district to treat the zinc sulfide concentrates, erection of an electrolytic zinc plant was decided on by the Sullivan Company.

Designed by Wallace G. Tainton, construction began inand operation commenced in Augustthus adding a third major activity to Bunker Hill. The plant ran continuously until May l, when the low price of metals and the decreased demand for slab zinc made curtailment advisable.

By the price of the metal had increased to the point where full capacity was again attained. Zinc production reached record levels during World War II and Bunker Hill was able to supplement its zinc refining operations with the addition of a cadmium plant.

The technological process that was devised for the zinc plant was the first of its kind and was recognized as a significant new development in the field.Return to Previous Page. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement. Please read our Privacy Policy.

and our Legal Statement, even though they are. Recent Examples on the Web. The county requires mining and asphalt operations to secure an air-quality permit.

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— Lily Altavena, azcentral, "Controversy in the air as Mesa homeowners decry neighboring asphalt plant’s odors," 11 July Murray has also donated significant amounts of money to Trump and is a vociferous critic of any regulation on mining and coal industries. All during the early 's, the mining, smelting and forging of iron was equally important in hundreds of locations throughout Northwest New Jersey.

Nov 06,  · The Opinaca-Wildcat project is located at km ( miles) north of the city of Matagami, in the James Bay territory, Quebec, Canada. Overview & History The project consists of two properties: the Opinaca property in which Hecla Quebec is in the process of earning a 50% interest from Everton Resources and Azimut Exploration, and the % Hecla Quebec owned Wildcat property.

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