Read write and think biocube aquarium

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Read write and think biocube aquarium

read write and think biocube aquarium

This is supposed to "seed" denitrifying bacteria that live in oxygen depleted areas of your tank like within the sand and turn nitrate into nitrogen gas which then can escape into the air.

It is not a quick fix and is supposed to take a couple weeks to over a month to see results depending on your current levels of nitrates. It supposed to permanently get your nitrates down close to 0. It also says you can double dose depending on how high your nitrates are.

Mine are only at Nitra-Zorb has worked well for me but it requires weekly charging so this would be an alternative option if it works.

I dosed directly into my filters because I had read that in freshwater the ingredients turn into little squiggles which then your fish try to eat. Instant Ocean has said it is totally natural and safe for all fish. I would have thought that once you have a colony of this presumed bacteria that it would work the same way your aerobic bacteria works, by reproducing as needed to handle the present load without having to add more.

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It sounds like this product would need to be added weekly for the lifetime of the tank. One bottle mL would last me 5 weeks.

I just dont understand why you would need to keep adding the product after a couple months of seeding the tank with the anaerobic bacteria.

For a lot of people that might not be too bad, but others like me cant afford that very easily. If you have to dose it weekly for the life of the tank, then I think it would be more practical for me to use it in a smaller tank, say 20 gallons, to remove nitrates from tap water in that tank.

Then use that water for your weekly changes, filling it back up afterwards to get the next gallons ready for the next water change in a week. Since there are nitrates in the tap, there is food for the bacteria without having fish in the tank. Obviously in your case its different since you use RO water which is free of nitrates.

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read write and think biocube aquarium

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ABCYA; ABC Organizer; Read Write Think Theme Poems; Read·Write·Think; Scholastic News Starfall Storyline Online Time For Kids Web Tales; Monterey Bay Aquarium. Bats: National . Buy the Oceanic 8 Gallon BioCube Aquarium for your pet plus read product reviews, see photos and watch videos at Write A Review Out of For the size i think its a well thought out unit with the integrated filtration and compact flourecent lighting fixture.

The only complaint i have is the stock pump is a little noisy cause.

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