Pest analysis of nike

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Pest analysis of nike

Public Domain Nike Inc. In the case of Nike Inc.

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As one of the major firms in the global sports shoes, apparel and equipment market, Nike Inc. To maintain its position in the athletic shoes market, Nike Inc. Stable political climate in most major markets opportunity Expanding free trade policies opportunity Improving government support for infrastructure opportunity Stable political conditions in most major markets present opportunities for Nike to grow its business in these areas.

Also, expanding free trade policies facilitate better market penetration overseas. Moreover, improving government support for infrastructure, especially in developing countries, gives Nike more opportunities to expand its operations in these markets.

Economic Factors Important to Nike Inc. The company also has opportunities to rapidly grow by increasing its operations in high-growth developing countries. Increasing individual wealth in developing countries opportunity Increasing emphasis on product safety opportunity Improving positive attitudes about leisure opportunity In developing countries, Nike has opportunities to tap consumers with increasing individual wealth.

Also, the company has opportunities to develop safer products and use marketing campaigns that highlight the safety of its sports shoes, equipment and apparel. Nike can also adopt new product development strategies to address needs for products for leisure activities.

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The following technological external factors affect Nike Inc.: Rapid technological obsolescence also threatens Nike by putting pressure on the company to increase its product development efforts.

Nonetheless, this external factor provides opportunities for Nike to integrate advanced technologies in its products. In relation, the company has opportunities to integrate mobile technologies in its products to capture consumers who frequently use mobile technologies, such as mobile apps and online tools.

In the case of Nike and its sports shoes, apparel and equipment, the following ecological external factors are notable: The company also has the opportunity to use these programs to address climate change, which affects supply chains and the appropriateness of Nike sports shoes and apparel in certain regions.

The increasing sustainability strategies of firms threaten Nike by imposing more pressure for increased sustainability efforts throughout the industry. Nonetheless, this external factor provides the opportunity for Nike to further improve its sustainability standing.

However, this external factor also provides an opportunity for the company to apply higher standards for labor and employment.

Pest analysis of nike

In addition, Nike has the opportunity to improve its brand image by highlighting customer satisfaction in marketing its sports shoes, apparel and equipment. Similarly, the company has opportunities to improve its health and safety measures to address expanding health and safety regulations.

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PESTEL-PESTLE Analysis of Nike | Free PESTEL Analysis Company is involved in the designing, developing, producing and multinational marketing and sales of footwear, clothing, equipment, accessories and services. Nike was established on January 25, innamed Blue Ribbon Sports that time and on May 30, the company takes its name as Nike.
Economic Factors Important to Nike Inc. The first Blue Ribbon shoe was a soccer show which was introduced under the Nike brand name. It referred to the Greek goddess of victory and Swoosh trademark.

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Nike is a well-known brand of sports gear and apparel. It is also a major brand selling internationally. Apart from having customers in the international market, it also has its suppliers located internationally.

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