Persistence in the fiction story of veronica

Don't own 'em - not making any money off 'em. What if before Lilly died, before Veronica was raped, she actually gave her virginity to Logan? What might have changed?

Persistence in the fiction story of veronica

After writing about The Hunger Games Trilogy on Wednesday and The Divergent Series yesterday, I got the idea to turn my opinions on postapocalyptic science fiction into a full-blown blog series — a trilogy, if you will.

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And that brings us to my first point: When did kids go from reading about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to reading about teenagers killing each other in a televised fight to the death? They have legions of followers, ready, willing, and able to pay for movie tickets, even if it means buying two tickets to one movie i.

Why is this generation paying to read books and watch movies about uprisings against evil governments? What is the future for sci-fi? For starters, Metropolis is socially conscious and politically charged.

Just like the cyborg, Maria Brigitte Helmseduces the workers of Metropolis into forsaking their own children, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party went on to seduce the workers of Germany into forsaking their own humanity. The Cold War ended, the U.

The September 11 attacks happened inand not only were seemingly harmless airplane passenger rising up to kill everybody else onboard, but the American government responded by shipping our young people off to Iraq ina country that had literally nothing to do with September Dystopia The first of the two subcategories of postapocalyptic sci-fi, dystopia, is preoccupied with totalitarian governmental systems and revolutionary ideals.

Historically, it is a subgenre that has been more literary than anything — by George Orwell and Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury come to mind.

Persistence in the fiction story of veronica

Yet this is the sci-fi the people are clamoring for nowadays, assuming Hollywood is the litmus test for public tastes. Judgment Day taking on a biblical connotation in its apocalyptic title.

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The Terminator is about technology run amok, with characters traveling back in time to save humanity from its own technological progress. Cameron is an environmentalist, and The Terminator came at a time when science was beginning to understand the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

The Hunger Games was also directly inspired by the Iraq War, as author Suzanne Collins cited in an interview, and the way that Americans care more about reality TV than we do about the occupation.

How does a government, which advertises itself as the greatest on Earth, have the authority to send our friends and family off to get killed? If human nature has been the way it is since the Romans, then why are we becoming so disillusioned with it now?

Is it because the nuclear arms race and accelerated climate change have confronted us with the undeniable fact that we might someday be responsible for our own extinction? When did we get so pessimistic that we feel like disaster is all but guaranteed for us? Zombie flicks are nothing new — George A.

Zombies are conservative because the solution to that problem is to restore traditional values of civilization. Dystopia is liberal since its casts of characters react against that civilization.

The Future The postapocalypse is everywhere. As for myself, I think the world has always been a terrible place, and it always will be.

Quoth Julia Roberts in August: We may have found the cure to cancer in I Am Legend, but human beings will never cure stupidity.Chapter 9. Veronica opened her locker door. She tried to not think about what she had seen this morning as she walked up to the main door that led into the school building.

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