Othellos evil side essay

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Othellos evil side essay

Because he felt jealous that his wife had betrayed him with Cassio, Othello decided to kill his wife instead of finding the truth. The jealousy that he had made him angry, for he could not understand why his wife could cheat on him, with Cassio. Othelllo shouted cursing and insulting his wife all the while, but she could not understand why Othello did that.

Despite the fact that Othello and Lago had a good friendship, he trusted everything that Lago told. This made him ignore other people around him, including his wife. Othello did not give his wife a chance to explain her side of the story and find out whether Lago had told him the truth.

Othellos evil side essay

Instead, he chose his blind trust towards Lago, as opposed, to his relationship with his wife. Othello seemed not to understand love and its meaning. He thought that his wife had no right to associate and become friends with any other man because she had married him.

His desperation prevented him from reasoning. Othello may have had fear of confronting his wife, for he may have thought that by so doing, his wife would have left him for Cassio.

The downfall that Othello faced resulted from his misjudgment of Lago. Othello thinks that Lago has a devoted character that he can trust. The trust that Othello put on Lago blinded him not to see that Lago plotted the whole act, to revenge. This leads to his downfall Bradley Conclusion Despite the fact that Lago played a role in the downfall of Othello, the character traits of Othello resulted to his demise.

Lago only took advantage of the insecurity that Othello had, with regard to his relationship with his wife. Lago wanted to revenge, and he manipulated Othello towards his downfall. The characters that Othello displayed led to his own downfall.

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His jealousy, anger, insecurity, lack of communication and blind trust on Lago led to his downfall.Find free race othello essay essays, term papers, research papers, book reports, essay topics, college essays there lurks an evil that far is surpasses the darkness of the devil, Othellos race othellos race During the Elizabethan times it was uncommon for black people to act out roles in plays.

There is a violent side to Othello, and he imagines all kinds of ways of killing her, with an emphasis on destroying her beauty and emphasizing his power over her.

(“The character of Othello Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words”, n.d.) Iago becomes pure evil in this play and does everything he can to make sure. My idea of a traditional villain is someone guilty or capable of a crime or wickedness, this suggestion shall be used in my evaluation of the characters in each text to decide whether the characters have been presented as convincing villains and if they fit the description of ‘the villain’, as someone who is evil .

Free essay examples, how to write essay on Othello example essay, research paper, custom writing. Write my essay on Othello. Order; The play carried several themes and messages such as evil, which is portrayed by Iago, jealousy, which is portrayed by both Iago and Othel Othello Iago Desdemona Love.

words Jealousy is a green-eyed.

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Through the juxtaposition of Othellos credulous nature and Iagos Iago is the most unique villain of Shakespeare There has been a lot of controversy about his motives and he has been considered as an incarnation of the timberdesignmag.com on Iago and Honesty in Shakespeares Othello for Iago and Othello around this simple word in this case.

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