Mango processing business plan

India occupies the top position in total production among mango exporter countries in the world. India cultivates a wide variety of mangoes, some of them are colourful and attractive with par excellence edible quality. According to Apeda data, India cultivates mangoes in around thousand hectare and the annual output is around 19 Million tonne. India did export business of mango with a worth of USD

Mango processing business plan

We have therefore hired the services of a reputable consulting firm here in Apapa — Lagos to help us look through our business concept and determine how likely we are to make an impact in this business once we have started.

Using our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to thoroughly determine how our business would likely fare and compete effectively against our competitors not only here in Lagos but all around Nigeria as well.

Also, we have employed those who not only have the necessary experience and competence but are also dedicated to the growth and prominence of our mango exporting business. Our chief executive and owner is one that has the necessary experience and will ensure that we are able to attain all our goals and objectives.

Weaknesses We are a relatively new exporting business and because of this, it is not so easy for us to get a bank that will offer us a line of credit as other already established exporting businesses. Also, even though we have locally sourced for financing to help with our local operations, we do not have enough to compete effectively against already established mango or fruit producers.

mango processing business plan

Our staff strength is also somewhat limited and this will greatly affect our chances of growth. Also, since we are relatively a new brand, we have to deploy effective publicity strategies that would allow us be seen and known. Opportunities The opportunities that abound for us in this industry is huge especially as the different services that we would be offering would allow us have a huge share of the target market and the other opportunities that will be made available to us that our international customers have to offer.

Our global ranking is enough for us to secure enough opportunities that will allow for the growth of our company.

Threats Every business faces threats every now and then and so the threats that we are likely to face in this mango exporting business is having to deal with changing government policies regarding exports, dealing with falling value of the dollar which will see us not making as much profit as we should, having to deal with the arrival of competitors offering same services to the same target market, and also an economic downturn globally that will cause consumers in the countries we export to, to spend less than they usually do.

Those that distribute these mangoes in foreign countries prefer mangoes that weigh between g and g. Exporters often use various ways to ensure that the exported mangoes retain a longer shelf life. Most exporters therefore favor freezing, which allows the fruit to retain its original color and flavor.

Another method is in preserving the fruits with preservative solutions such as brine, sulphur oxide gas and any other approved solutions, even though this increases the shelf life of the mangoes for more months, the color of the mango is usually affected.

Our Target Market Even though the mangoes we source for are to be exported to certain countries, we cannot, without conducting a market survey decide on which countries will be most favorable to us.

In this regard we intend to carry out a market survey in order to identify what countries would most likely be beneficial to our business.

The aim of the market survey is to enable us understand our target market and know what it is they expect from us. Our Competitive Advantage Even though there are a number of people that engage in growing and selling these mangoes locally, there are few who export these mangoes to international customers.

Our vision is to ensure that we become the preferred brand for all our international customers through our quality products and services and to achieve this, we have laid down plans and processes that will allow us have several competitive advantages against our competitors.

Our sourcing, preservation and packaging of mangoes for our internal consumers is one of the competitive advantages we have over our competitors. We have a purchasing manager who knows all the credible suppliers of the best mangoes that were grown organically and how to also get us the best deals.

Also, the fact that we offer additional services is a plus for us against our competitors. Another competitive advantage that we have against our competitors is the fact that our employees come with a vast amount of experience and proficiency and therefore understand how to ensure that a start-up such as ours is able to achieve all its intended goals and objectives, thereby becoming a force to reckon with nationally and internationally.

Our employees fully understand our policies and philosophies and are committed to ensuring that we are able to achieve all that we set out to do. We intend to ensure that our employees are well taken care of, as their welfare package is the best amongst start-up categories such as ours here in the agro-processing and allied cum agricultural industry.

Marketing is also used to create awareness for the business which is why any serious organization takes its time to create effective marketing strategies that would best suit the organization as well as ensure that a marketing budget is kept separate to handle all the marketing affairs of the company.

In ensuring that we create the right marketing strategies for our business, we intend to carry out a market survey that will allow us understand the industry we are going into, who our target market is, what they are expecting from us and what we should expect from them as well.As per the mango export business plan, there are near about 30 varieties of mangoes which are grown commercially for export business including Totapuri, Alphonso, Dashehri, Kesar etc.

Totapuri mangoes are the most exported mango of India with the value of USD from January to April The state of Nayarit is planning to build a mango processing plant with capacity for processing 2 million tonnes of the fruit per season by Initially the project will accept mangoes at the.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry Description and Practices Processing (canning, drying, freezing, and prepa-ration of juices, jams, and jellies) increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

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Processing steps include preparation of the raw material (clean-. Green mango pickle is a hot, spicy pickle with a sour taste that is eaten as a condiment. It is made from unripe green mangoes that are fermented with lactic acid bacteria.

Preservation is through a combination of salt, increased acidity (lactic acid) and to a small extent the added spices. Mango, Mango Processing, Mango Processing Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Mango Processing Machine, Orange Juice Uht Tubular Sterilizing Machine, Fruit Paste Concentric Tube Tubular Sterilizer and so on.

Mango Export Business Plan – Executive Summary. Juicy mango Exporter Ventures is a mango exporting business that has been fully registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and licensed by the National Exporting Promotion Council (NEPC) here in Apapa – Lagos. Efficient Working Commercial Machinery Snacks Drying Machines/Dried Mango/Banana. Banana Chips Dryer, Banana drying machine, Banana dryer. Our banana drying machine bring the air source, heat source and new energy technology to the field of drying. Guidelines for Export of Mango Fruits to USA Orchard Level Registration of Orchards Framework Equivalence Work Plan between India and USA grading, hygienic handling, packing and labeling/marking of mango fruits. Pre-processing Inspection Prior to processing, the packinghouses will carry out inspection of fruits.

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