Guernica conflicting perspectives

Messenger The morning of April 26, dawned like any other in Guernica, northern Spain. But this was not the typical day of trading that they may have expected. The country was in the midst of civil war and by 4. For more than three hours, in support of the insurgent Francoist cause, the Nazi Condor Legion and fascist Italian Legionary Air Force dropped 31 tons of munitions onto Guernica.

Guernica conflicting perspectives

Guernica conflicting perspectives

Gary Baines The Battle for Cassinga: At the time the name evoked a range of responses, from outrage to grief to the celebration of military bravado. It still does so. And Cassinga will continue to elicit such responses as long as participants and witnesses are alive and the events remain part of living memory.

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Obviously perpetrators and survivors remember the events of 4 May differently. Memory is, after all, selective. The recollections of participants and witnesses are framed by personal and political agendas.

This much is abundantly clear from the conflicting accounts of Cassinga that appear in the media and literature, especially the exchanges that take place between parties with a stake in how the events are remembered. The choice of preposition is intended to signify the ongoing contestation over the meaning of Cassinga.

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Meanings are partly determined by other Guernica conflicting perspectives with which it is associated. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own but certain arguments have been informed by a discussion that followed the presentation of an earlier version of this paper at the BAB, 11 December This term implies the purposeful killing of innocent civilians, especially defenceless women and children.

As such, it resonates with the atrocities of other wars; with well-known names such as Guernica, Nanking and My Lai. Narratives would seem to imply the use of words but frequently employ images to convey their meanings. They are generated in order to explain, rationalise, and define events.

Members of these opposing interest groups have attempted to appropriate Cassinga for their own purposes. This contestation over the meaning and memory amounts to a battle for Cassinga.

The struggle to fix the meaning of Cassinga extends into the overlapping arenas of political discourse, popular culture, and scholarly debate. The photograph of a mass grave reproduced on p.

A former Cape Times military correspondent, sometime national serviceman and citizen force reservist, Steenkamp glamourises the Cassinga story as an exceptional military endeavour.

Characteristics of Analytical Cubism. A But as the planes overlap, turn on edge, recede, progress, lie flat, or turn at conflicting angles, the object from which they originated is lost rather than totally revealed. Note: For an explanation of some of the great Cubist paintings, see: Analysis. Probably Picasso's most famous work, Guernica is certainly the his most powerful political statement, painted as an immediate reaction to the Nazi's devastating casual bombing practice on the Basque town of Guernica during Spanish Civil War. A CRITICAL HISTORY OF 20TH-CENTURY ART by Donald Kuspit. Picasso, Braque, Leger, Matisse, de Chirico, Stanley Spencer and more.

The point of departure for his versions of Operation Reindeer is to insist that Cassinga was a legitimate military target. Writers such as Steenkamp revel in descriptions of the military hardware and the skills of the paratroopers.

According to him, the operation achieved pride of place in the annals of SADF military history and restored its reputation after the abortive invasion of Angola in South African media and white public opinion proclaimed the operation a daring military adventure in which the SADF modus operandi exemplified its far-sighted leadership, discipline and training, and above all the capacity to protect the country from its enemies Former SADF personnel tell the Cassinga story as if it were an unqualified success.

The outcome is measured by means of a body count in the ratio of 4: South Africa into Angola Durban: Butterworths Publishers, Jonathan Ball,p. This version holds that most of casualties were caused by the bombing and strafing of the camp rather than the ground fighting.Pablo Picasso, Guernica, , oil on canvas, cm × cm.

(Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid) Antiwar icon Much of the painting’s emotional power comes from its overwhelming size, approximately eleven feet tall and twenty five feet wide.

Guernica conflicting perspectives

Freshwater is a journey of loss and reconciliation, home and heartbreak, and ultimately a survivor’s guide to harmonizing spirit and flesh. Quite simply a gorgeous, elegant, and brutal work of truthtelling/5(5).

Guernica Conflicting Perspectives Conflicting Perspectives Focus Question – How are conflicting perspectives revealed in two of Ted Hughes poems and a related text? . From core conceptual perspectives to the moral and spiritual foundations of the field to the role of the United Nations, the Encyclopedia grounds peace education in a solid theoretical and practical framework through the writings of the field’s most renowned scholars.

Suffer the Children has 1, ratings and reviews. karen said: this is an excellent piece of literary horror, and a clever spin on the traditional va /5(). The mirror is the thing it reflects, which is the totality of their contradictory professional spheres, emotional realities, and conflicting microcultures.

But the mirror also prevents what it reifies, which is the possibility of reunion between a Lacanian organism and its reflected reality.

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