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Fabrics and papers discount code

Home State of the Eastern Cape: Population Dynamics and the Poverty Trap The Eastern Cape is known for having mounted one of the largest resistances in Africa against colonialism, eventually succumbing to British rule inand Fabrics and papers discount code for its long history of resistance against apartheid rule.

It is based on various Statistics SA data sets such as census data, labour force surveys, general household surveys and demographic and health surveys from until Findings Age Inadults in the age group comprised just over 57 percent of the total provincial population.

Children aged accounted for about 35 percent of the population; young people in the age group for 21 percent of the population, and adults older than 65 for seven percent of the population.

Fabrics and papers discount code

Sex and gender The effects of migration, death and fertility on the province are reflected in the current gender structure of the population. Women comprise 53 percent of the provincial population and out-number men in the province.

The gender imbalance is the combined effect of patterns of migration, especially in active working ages, and gender differences in mortality rates in the older ages. The disproportionate economic burden on women and subtle forms of gender imbalances in other areas of economic, social and cultural experiences in the province remain issues of major concern.

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For instance, women in the province are predominantly found in low-paying insecure jobs, like private household services, while senior government and private positions are mostly occupied by men. Marriage and childbearing Fertility rates declining and this follows predictable differences in socioeconomic status.

The prevalence of marriage among women in the reproductive ages of has declined since Inonly There are sub-groups of the population with relatively high rates of childbearing, including those in the eastern part of the province O.

Tambo and Alfred Nzo districtsblack Africans, rural women and those with no formal education. Teenage childbearing remains a significant feature in the province, and is more common among coloureds and Africans than among Indians and whites.

Family, household and relationships across age groups The province has experienced a general decline in household size in the past decade. The average household size declined from 4. At the same time the number of households in the province increased from 1.

Historical policies and patterns of economic activities have had a negative impact on different aspects of family life in the province. Inalmost half of all households were female-headed and many children and young people in the province lived in single parent families.

The economic burden of caring for older people is less on immediate and extended family relationships due to improved access to non-contributory old age and other forms of grants.

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On the other hand, many older persons in multi-generational families are increasingly using their old age grants to support younger family members.

Health and mortality The province lags behind other parts of the country in a number of critical and objective health indicators. Although the rates of infant mortality 65 per thousand in to an estimated level of 57 per thousand in and child mortality 88 per thousand in to a projected 86 per thousand in have declined, they remain among the highest in the country.

Life expectancy rates have increased from Education There have been significant improvements in the educational profile of the provincial population, especially in the areas of literacy and female school attendance.

Nonetheless, the province still has major challenges in education, namely the matric pass rate, access to a good quality infrastructure for learning, and better models of human capital development. Poverty remains a challenge in attaining the well-intended and structured new policies and strategies to improving education in the province.

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Migration patterns Eastern Cape suffers more from people of a working age migrating to other provinces to search for better livelihoods. Within the Eastern Cape there is a significant movement of people from the poorer eastern part to the relatively more prosperous western part of the province.

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