Essays the psychological effects of smoking

In its turn, tobacco industry is one of the most profitable businesses nowadays. Millions of people start smoking, and then decide they want to get rid of this habit, thus the health industry products for smokers who try to quit their habit are also quite attractive to invest in.

Essays the psychological effects of smoking

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Cigarette smoking is a dangerous habit that not only affects the user in a negative physical and psychological way but also endangers others around them.

Would you play Russian roulette — A deadly game of chance involving a revolver and a single bullet— and then force others around you to participate? Cigarette smoking has detrimental effects on both the user and innocent bystanders effectively initiating a game of Russian roulette.

The physical effects of smoking are quite frightening and include a wide variety of diseases. These include but are not limited to: A common outcome of the more serious tobacco related diseases is death.

Smoking kills essay conclusion for persuasive ban essays k The Psychological Effects of Smoking We are all very well aware of the harmful physical effects of smoking:

Perhaps the psychological effects of cigarettes can account for the continuation of their use. Cigarettes can have not only a stimulating effect, but also a perceived calming effect and can also induce feelings of euphoria.

Nicotine in tobacco causes these perceived effects and feelings. Nicotine is a psychoactive drug found in tobacco products, and it is this chemical that causes users to develop a dependency on cigarettes. One particular cause for alarm is taken from the CDC website.

The addiction compels the user to continue smoking. Having looked at the physical and psychological effects of smoking on the users, let us now take a look at how detrimental cigarette smoking is to non-smokers. Cigarette smoking is extremely dangerous to non smokers.

Secondhand smoke is a mixture of side stream smoke — smoke from the end of a lighted cigarette—and mainstream smoke—smoke exhaled by a smoker. This secondhand smoke contains known harmful chemicals of which 60 are known to cause cancer. Opponents of cigarette banning claim that it is their civil right to choose to smoke and that society does not have the right to dictate what people do to their bodies, regardless of whether it is unhealthy for them or not.

The problem with this argument is that while eating junk food does pose a health risk to the person eating it, there is no immediate health risk to the people around them. Even governments have started to recognize the dangers of cigarettes by allocating smoke free zones where smoking is not allowed.

Even though this is a step in the right direction, it still does not keep everyone safe from the dangers of cigarette smoking. By examining the all the information, it is easy to see that cigarette smoking is particularly dangerous on both physical and psychological levels while also needlessly endangering non-smokers.

Could the banning of cigarettes potentially wrestle the revolver from the hands of the smoker and finally put an end to this dangerous game of Russian roulette?Having looked at the physical and psychological effects of smoking on the users, let us now take a look at how detrimental cigarette smoking is to non-smokers.

Cigarette smoking is . Included: smoking essay content. Preview text: We are all very well aware of the harmful physical effects of smoking: Lung cancer, emphysema, COPD, asthma, coughing, allergies and a whole barrage of other various assorted ailments.

What we aren't bombarded with on a daily basis are the psychologi. Psychological Perspectives of Smoking Essay. Psychological perspectives of smoking This essay will consider how each of the 5 psychological perspectives explain smoking - Psychological Perspectives of Smoking Essay introduction.

Essays the psychological effects of smoking

I will cover the psychodynamic, the behaviouristic, the biological, the cognitive and the humanistic approach. The Effects of Smoking essaysThere are an assortment of effects of smoking that can harm a smoker. They can affect not only the smoker's health but also the non-smokers around the smoker.

Why should the people around the smoker suffer when they made the decision not to smoke? Harmful effects of smoking Doan Thi Huong Thao BAIU International University HCMC Academic English 2 Bien Thi Thanh Mai Instructor May 17, Abstract Smoking is known to be a primary cause of harmful effects on health, family, environment and society.

 Causes and Effects of Smoking Leasha Fann English Mrs. Tucker 2/23/ Causes and Effects of Smoking Smoking is a practice through cigarettes, which are the most common method of smoking. There are some other methods in which the substance of tobacco is burned and the smoke is inhaled.

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