Equality and diversity what is meant

Another description that you might find elsewhere would be: There are many ways of defining equality; the right meaning depends on the context. You can apply the same reasoning as above to the word diversity.

Equality and diversity what is meant

By ensuring that this happens promotes diversity.

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There are various pieces of legislation which have been put in place to promote equality and reduce discrimination. This is regardless of age, sex, sexuality, disability, race, religion or any other difference.

Diversity means ‘difference’. When it is used in the same context as ‘equality’, it is about recognising and valuing individual as well as group differences. It also means treating people as individuals and placing positive value on the diversity they bring as a result of them belonging to a certain personal protected characteristic or their cultural background. The service, which employs around 1, people across the region, says that it also actively promotes the need for equality and diversity best practice across its network of suppliers, in order for them to be considered for contracts. Before promoting equality and diversity within a care setting, you should understand what they mean Equality is about ensuring that all service users can access the same opportunities regardless of lifestyle, ability or background.

The legislation should have an impact on the way organisations provide and organise services, and on the way practitioners approach their practice.

It is important to recognise however that whilst legislation is important, as it does protect people. This means that good practice should ensure that practitioners are constantly able to evaluate what they do, and they should receive appropriate support and training in this area.

Inclusion — A right to be included By using the principle that inclusion is a right for all children, early years settings can make sure that every child: Inclusive working is built on promoting equal opportunities and therefore it is anti discriminatory.

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In practice it means working flexibly, operating structures and systems that take into account what each individual can offer and what each Individual needs. Practitioners need to be aware of and work to overcome any barriers to inclusion, because promoting inclusion and combating discrimination will: Within my setting we have children of arranging abilities.

I have recently taken on a child with Special Educational Needs. I am working in full partnership with his parents and other healthcare agencies so that he can receive as much support as possible in order to fulfil his potential. I am also supported by my manager who is the SEN Co coordinator at our setting.The word equality means the idea that all people are equal and deserve the same opportunities in life.

Regardless of ability, gender, race, class or cultural background, every child and ever adult has the same right to be treated respectfully and with dignity. Explain How Inclusive Practice Promotes Equality and Supports Diversity Essay.

Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s 1 - Explain How Inclusive Practice Promotes Equality and Supports Diversity Essay introduction.

Equality and diversity what is meant

3 Explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity Inclusive practice promotes a child’s right to access. In order to promote equality and diversity it is important that you understand the various pieces of legislation which relate to health and social care settings: The Equality Act – Safeguards against discrimination for people who possess one of the nine protected characteristics.

People are obsessed with equality (or the lack thereof) these days. Outraged about inequality of income, the self-described 99 percent took to urban camping to berate the top 1 percent of income. Basically the word diversity is very similar to the meaning of equality however diversity promotes the approach and aims to identify the importance of human beings being difference from one another.

Being different is a positive thing and makes the world colorful. "Equality is n ot in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently." - Tom Robbins. Diversity is about understanding and appreciating the relative uniqueness of each individual irrespective of age, gender, race, religious beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, social class and .

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