E mail over reg mail pros and cons comparison contrast paper

One such institution could be your local credit union.

E mail over reg mail pros and cons comparison contrast paper

MSN messenger and telephone interviews are characterised by synchronous communication in time, but asynchronous communication in place. E-mail interviews are characterised as asynchronous communication in time and place.

One could argue that MSN messenger and telephone interviews are characterised by synchronous communication in cyberspace. As cyberspace is defined as "the noplace" MORSE,communication in a virtual place brings with it other advantages and disadvantages than communication in a real place, as in FtF interviews.

Therefore with synchronous communication of place is meant a real place, and not a virtual place. Synchronous communication of time and place As already mentioned, FtF interviews are characterised by synchronous communication in time and place. Due to this synchronous communication, as no other interview method FtF interviews can take its advantage of social cues.

Social cues, such as voice, intonation, body language etc.

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Of course the value of social cues also depends on what the interviewer wants to know from the interviewee. If the interviewer is seen as a subject, and as an irreplaceable person, from whom the interviewer wants to know the attitude towards for example the labour union, then social cues are very important.

When the interviewer interviews an expert about things or persons that have nothing to do with the expert as a subject, then social cues become less important EMANS, On the other hand this visibility can lead to disturbing interviewer effects, when the interviewer guides with his or her behaviour the interviewee in a special direction.

This disadvantage can be diminished by using an interview protocol and by the awareness of the interviewer of this effect.

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An advantage of this synchronous communication is that the answer of the interviewee is more spontaneous, without an extended reflection. But due to this synchronous character of the medium, the interviewer must concentrate much more on the questions to be asked and the answers given.

Especially when an unstructured or semi structured interview list is used, and the interviewer has to formulate questions as a result of the interactive nature of communication. Using a tape recorder has the advantage that the interview report is more accurate than writing out notes.

But tape recording also brings with it the danger of not taking any notes during the interview.

E mail over reg mail pros and cons comparison contrast paper

Taking notes during the interview is important for the interviewer, even if the interview is tape recorded: In one interview I conducted I should have taken notes because I had forgotten to push the "record" button.

Another disadvantage of tape recording the interview is the time a transcription of the tape recording consumes. In other words the interviewer can make more use of a standardisation of the situation.

Using opt-in e-mail can be a great way to generate leads and sales. But so can regular snail mail. Here's a quick guide to the pros and cons of direct mail and email to help you choose the right way to contact prospects and build your business. Each system has its pros and cons. Topics. What's New. Pros and Cons of Capitalist vs Socialist Economies. Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing. Post Hoc Tests. Consider the different post hoc tests discussed in the readings and respond to the following: Describe the general rationale behind using post hoc tests (i.e., when they are used and why).

On the other hand this synchronous communication of time and place can bring with it a lot of time and costs.All in all, the kind of “mail” a person uses is their own decision to make and a majority of people today use both Email and snail-mail.

This post was merely to shed light on some of the pros and cons of each style so YOU are aware. The Pros and Cons of Data Collection Methods Surveys Pros Standardization Easy to do with a large group Ease of administration The evaluator has less control over the situation in a natural environment Hawthorne effect—if group is aware that they are being observed, resulting.

Over the past two decades, there has been a clear trend toward integrating the regulation and supervision of banks, nonbank financial institutions, and securities markets.

This paper. While some prefer one over the other, data indicates that email and social media have a symbiotic relationship.

E mail over reg mail pros and cons comparison contrast paper

Email and social work best when not in competition with one another. Jan 16,  · Email vs Letter Writing The Lede, a blog on the New York Times website, has a curious entry from yesterday called "Whither the Historians of Science in the Age of E-Mail?", has me arguing with myself over the pros and cons of email vs.

the seemingly lost art of letter writing. Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is usually treated as a monolith. In fact, the term can refer to a broad variety of decision making practices, ranging from a qualitative comparison of pros and cons to a highly formalized and technical method grounded in economic theory that monetizes both costs and.

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