Cost and benefits of hybrid cars

BIK exemption for employees charging at their workplace. Most people will charge their ecars at night when a higher proportion of electricity is generated from wind. The growth in the generation of electricity from renewable sources offers a route towards carbon neutral motoring. To find out about the cost effectiveness of electric vehicles compared to conventional cars, check out our cost calculator here.

Cost and benefits of hybrid cars

Paul Seems like more smoke from GM. The Prius has proven plug -in technology. GM should just copy Toyota and get plug ins to the market now if they want to help our economy,security, and environment.

GM is partnering with the developer of the hybrid battery to make it come true. They could use NiMH batteries and a slightly bigger engine. Such a hybrid could be made NOW. But the reality is that GM only likes to make guzzlers. What GM needs to do is network with companies who are researching this technology and with other car companies to perfect the technology.

They would also need to research ways to keep vehicle cost at a reasonable level to the consumer while still making a profit, which, could be the toughest part of the whole project.

Kenneth Hoffman GM should ask the public what it wants in the way of an electric car. I would like a small station wagon with 17Cu.

Maybe the new LiS battery technology is the answer.

Hybrid Cars Pros and Cons - Benefits & Problems

By the way, spare tires are passe. EV1 Supporter I watched this documentary. GM leased the EV1s then took them all back. GM had a workable electric car that they eventually confiscated from leasees and destroyed. They have no interest in producing a vehicle that does not depend on gasoline because they are afraid of big oil.

Francis Porrello I always have the same question. We can explore outer space, send back pictures from millions of miles and yet we cannot develop a car to get MPG!

Why can the Japanese do things we cannot? They are killing us economically but we still buy their cars and American car companies are down the tube. There is no need to increase the batteries becasue the plug-in thechnology only adds electrons to the system, not size.

The plug-in system allows the batteries to start the day with a full charge, as opposed to getting a charge from regenerative breaking. GM has all the technology it needs. Maybe GM should go the smithsonian and backwards engineer it the EV that is on display.

Its too bad Toyota has had record sales and become the largest car manufacturer while GM sits on their hands. GM could produce and already had produced EV vehicles years ago.

GM simply does not want to produce an electric vehicle. I would rather buy a GM product, but I have to buy a Toyota. Given the choice after driving an hybrid or EV, I would never go back to a gas engine.

Mike 8 The chevy volt is great on gas plus it gets 40 miles to the charge its not as good as the prius but it is way better looking and not as girly! Darth Kleber I just saw that documentarywho killed the electric car. You folks should check out the Tesla Roadster.

This is a high end sports car. Strickland There is a new solid carbon material that will revolutionize hydrogen fuel cells and electric cars. Just look at the past. The problem today is the American need for power and size. Even my Honda accord got 42MPG on the freeway.

It is all about perception. Cathy Wiz I want one!!!! I will refer to the debit card, atm, Sony walkman and watchman, nintendo, and yes the electric and hybrid cars.As one observer commented, the Chevrolet Volt is one of the most politically “charged” cars ever produced.

Benefits of Green Eco-Friendly Cars

Politics aside, the Volt is a remarkable automobile that delivers exactly what. will see the launch of four new dynamic, game changing Toyota self-charging hybrid models including new generation versions of RAV4, Corolla Hatchback, Corolla Saloon, and the return of the world’s best-selling saloon car, the Camry Hybrid, after a year absence.

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Cost and benefits of hybrid cars

The best hybrid cars are fuel efficient, and all the rage, but which one should you buy? We’ve broken through the noise to let you know the best hybrid, and a few interesting alternatives from.

See All 42 Photos» Is the Lexus RX Hybrid a Good SUV? Yes – the Lexus RX Hybrid is a good choice among luxury midsize fact, its high quality and value made it a finalist for our Best Luxury 2-Row SUV for the Money award.

The Lexus RX h bests every class rival when it comes to gas mileage.

All About Plug-In Hybrids (or Plugin Hybrids) describes everything you need to know about plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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