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Anna and the king movie

Plot summary[ edit ] In She believes she is sufficiently acquainted with Asian customs to know what is proper in Siam, having read a book summarizing the same.

Cobb comes out to welcome her, he asks her a number of personal questions, and she does not know that this is common courtesy in Siam.

Her letter from the King asking her to come to Siam includes a promise that she will have a house of her own away from the Palace, but the Kralahome says she will have to stay in the harem for now although she'll have a private room there.

Anna goes to the Kralahome's office the next day and apologizes for her misunderstanding, asking him to introduce her to the King so she can get the house business straightened out and start her school.

He says it is New Year in Siam and the King is busy with many festivities and ceremonies, but he will work her into the schedule. When he does so, he tells her that it is polite to prostrate oneself before the King; Anna refuses, and says she will bow as she would to her own Queen.

Mongkut Rex Harrison challenges her with personal questions; she responds with nonsensical answers. Liking her spirit, he introduces her to his many wives and his 67 children, asking that she instruct the wives in English as well as the children. She is enchanted, but reminds him that he promised her a house.

He refuses to remember that he promised such a thing and insists she live in the palace, where she will be more accessible in case students or the King himself have questions.

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When she insists, she is shown a sleazy house in the fishmarket, but rejects it and stays in the palace, starting her school there. Lady Thiang, the head wife Gale Sondergaard knows English and translates.

With Anna's help, the King gives a formal dinner for Sir Edward and other European dignitaries, and Siam's image greatly improves. Later, Lady Thiang tells Anna that Tuptim has been captured after running away and hiding in a monastery, where her former betrothed is a priest. In the Movie, Anna and Louis had to move from England to Siam, which were 2 different worlds in all ways. They had to learn a new language, new norms when in Siam. They had to learn new behaviours when dining and during interactions with others etc. The story of the romance between the King of Siam (now Thailand) and the widowed British school teacher Anna Leonowens during the s. Anna teaches the children and becomes romanced by the King.

Among other things, Anna teaches proverbs and songs about promises and home or houses. Soon even the royal secretary is singing " Home! Meanwhile, the Kralahome comes in and tells Mongkut that Cambodiaonce a part of Siam, has sold out to the Frenchwho have established a protectorate.

The King says his plan is to hold onto Siam, to save what he can. He finally cedes to Anna on the matter of the house; she likes it, but plans to leave. However, the Kralahome tells her to stay, because Mongkut is a complex man who needs her influence.

Mongkut begins summoning Anna in the middle of the night to discuss how the Bible should be interpreted, and other scholarly matters.

On the way back from one of these sessions, she discovers a chained slave with a baby.

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Tuptim is very young and very bitter about being brought to the Palace and shut up behind the walls, even though the King likes her.

She refuses to let L'Ore go, even though L'Ore's husband has offered to pay for her. As he has done several times in the past, Crown Prince Chulalongkorn Tito Renaldo questions her about these matters, but she puts him off.

Lady Thiang, the crown prince's mother, is concerned, but Anna gives her the brush-off too, saying they will talk "later, when she has time". Anna tells the King about L'Ore, reminding him that it's his own law that slaves must be freed if the money is offered.Find great deals on eBay for anna and the king vhs.

Shop with confidence. Quotes Kralahome: [the Kralahome has just arrived to tell King Mongkut of the loss of Cambodia. Anna, meanwhile, continues to press the King about the issue of a private residence, to the point where even the King's staff members are singing "Home, Sweet Home"] Your Majesty!It has begun, Toongramon.

The King And I with no tunes, you say? Why, that's like The Sound Of Music with no Alps.

Anna and the king movie

Well, yes and no. Andy Tennant's take on the true(ish) story of Anna Leonowens (Foster), a British. Jan 17,  · BANGKOK—In the new film "Anna and the King," the defiant English schoolteacher Anna Leonowens, played by Jodie Foster, teaches manners and democratic values to Thailand's impertinent crown.

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Anna and the King of Siam is a drama film directed by John Cromwell. An adaptation of the novel of the same name by Margaret Landon, it was based on the fictionalized diaries of Anna Leonowens, an Anglo-Indian woman who claimed to be British and became governess in the Royal Court of Siam (now modern Thailand) during the s.

Anna and the King Trailer You are watching the movie Anna and the King produced in USA belongs in Category Drama, History, Romance with duration Min, broadcast at,Director by Andy Tennant,The story of the romance between the King of Siam and widowed British schoolteacher, Anna Leonowens, during the s.

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