Alexander the great essay 6

Alexander the Great Alexander The Great is very important because he was made a king at the age of twenty. He was a great leader as well, and had conquered most of the known world in only a thirteen year span. Alexander lived a good life, he was able to construct great battle plans so he could win a battle even if he was greatly out numbered. Three of his most memorable battles where at Granicus, Issus, and Gaugamela.

Alexander the great essay 6

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Famous as the man who wept when he realized there were other worlds he could never conquer, he was never defeated in battle. He was more than a warlord or conqueror though; he also spread Greek civilization to huge areas of the ancient world and in turn exposed Greece to the knowledge of the conquered lands, giving a huge boost to scholars in both.

He was slightly egotistical; during his reign he gave the name Alexandria to over twenty cities, many of which he founded himself, and echoes of the name survive in places such as Iskandariya and Kandahar. Despite having lived years before Jesus, Alexander's reign was so spectacular and covered so much land that it was recorded in great detail and much of that survives through Greek and Roman translations.

The dates of his birth and death are both known to within a 48 hour period and the names of his generals are all recorded. His battles, and even the details of his campaign logistics, are known in surprising detail.

Obviously there is no shortage of information for an essay on Alexander; so, what is the best structure? Here is a suggested outline.

Introduction - Briefly describe what the essay is about; if you plan to focus on any specific area of Alexander's life say so here. Cultural background - Give an outline of the society Alexander came from and what it valued.

Early life - Describe how Alexander brought up and give any details about his family you can find. Were there early clues that he would achieve greatness?

Military Career - How did Alexander first rise to military command? What made him so successful against so many different opponents? Political achievements - What did he achieve as a leader of society?

Did his expansion of Greek culture contribute to an increase in knowledge? How valuable was this? Death - Alexander's death is a mystery. Some blame it on food poisoning, others on assassination.

Did anyone stand to gain by his death to take the risk of assassinating a popular and feared leader? Legacy - What has Alexander left that survives to the 21st century? Look at the city of Alexandria in Egypt, which he founded.

Its long-lost Great Library was once the greatest universe in the world, and spurred many new discoveries. Does anything else remain?

Conclusion - Say what you think Alexander's life means for the modern world. If you don't think it was important explain why not and be very sure you can justify your opinion! You will have no problem in finding information on all these topics, so by following this structure you should be able to write a great essay on this fascinating man.

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Alexander III of Macedon (20/21 July – 10/11 June BC), commonly known asAlexander the Great (Greek: Ἀλέξανδρος ὁ Μέγας, Aléxandros o Mégas), was a . Was alexander the great a good leader essay.

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Alexander the great essay 6

Aristotle influenced many people during his lifetime, but one of the most important people to history that he taught was Alexander the Great, who grew up to become one . Was alexander great essay. 4 stars based on reviews Essay.

Author Posted on November 24, Categories Was alexander great essay. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website. Alexander The Great was one of the greatest emperors and leaders of the world.

In fact, he was the only emperor to be called, "The Great." He had studied under a great Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, who taught Alexander literature, science, medicine, philosophy and to speak and write well.

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