A sweet memory of the past in a box

Come, look with me inside this drawer, In this box I've often seen, At the pictures, black and white, Faces proud, still, serene. I wish I knew the people; These strangers in the box, Their names and all their memories Are lost among my socks. I wonder what their lives were like.

A sweet memory of the past in a box

A gingerbread house tutorial I want to share all of my experience in the art of gingerbread house construction I have been making gingerbread houses for well over thirty years And, believe me, there are lots of tips to help make your adventure successful!

I have lots and lots of ideas on my Pinterest page. And it is the best place to start. But, once they get started, they realize that not only CAN they do it Usually the first hurdle is not knowing where to start.

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And, usually, that first hurdle can be eliminated with a few good ideas!! The next big element for success is good recipes. I have perfected this dough recipe, over the years, and can guarantee it will work for you!

A sweet memory of the past in a box

Add spices, then molasses. Add baking powder and soda. Beat in the egg. Wrap the dough in platinum wrap and refrigerate overnight. It will be much easier to work with if it's cold.

I cannot imagine doing all of this work and then eating it!! It should be put front and center and then admired!! Now, having said that, there are a couple of little tips. It will make your whole house smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!

The combination of sugar icing and candy and spice You don't want to move them once they have been cut because they will become misshapen and then the pieces will not line up when you put them together!

There are all kinds of patterns for the basic house Google it or you can design your own if you are feeling ambitious! Being a professional baker it isn't easy for me to recommend practically "burning" any kind of dough don't, actually, burn it Another really good reasons NOT to eat it!!

It is foolproof and you don't have to worry about ingesting it when you absentmindedly lick your fingers Don't rush the assembly. Let the icing dry thoroughly before you do any decorating!!

The candy adds a lot of weight Once you complete the basics Landscaping, decorations, porches, chimneys, steps, fences, gates I ordered all kinds of great candy just for gingerbread house decoration!!

I hope you start this awesome tradition!!

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If you have any questions along the wayThe moon was shining up above the dark sky on that chilly Thursday night the thirteenth of June in the city of Newport Beach, and I was sitting on a table in front of Casey’s Cupcakes with Stefany, my date.

Stefany and I had been acquaintances for a very long time, but we were never really.

A sweet memory of the past in a box

about sweet memory lane ashby Sweets, Treats & fabulous Chocolate Sweet Memory Lane is a quirky little Traditional Sweet Shop based in the busy Market Town of Ashby d 5/5(27).

Memory is not an instrument for surveying the past but it is theater.


It is the medium of past experience, just as the earth is the medium in which dead cities lie buried. He who seeks to approach his own buried past must conduct himself like a man digging. ~Walter Benjamin. Sweet Honesty by Avon is a Floral fragrance for timberdesignmag.com Honesty was launched in The fragrance features honey, musk, vanilla, hyacinth, lemon, lily-of .

But wait--which shoe box holds our middle child's 16th birthday? Why is yellow staining the That winds past meadowland and farm.

And within the stream's full melody And hold each memory in place: A creaking swing, a whispered word.

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